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Marketer | Sales Coach | Musician | Writer | Cat Whisperer 🐈‍ | INFJ-A Creative

Mel Power Is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur having run businesses her entire life from bookkeeping agencies to motorcycle dealerships. She is the master of bootstrap startup-to-exit strategies!

Sales and Marketing are in Mel’s blood and it aligns with her spirit of creativity in music and writing.

Mel's core values of #authenticity #community #creativity #heart-centred form the foundation of how she lives life, professionally and personally.

Mel understands the key to authenticity and influence in the market:

“It’s always about aligning with the decision with the values and then helping someone else to make that decision."

Mel has a passion for fashion, a love for fitness and body positivity, an affinity with cats and horses and there is always music playing in the house, whether it’s a live gathering or streamed.

“Life is meant to be lived, and there’s not a spare moment to waste”

Mel is most well known for her role at Xero Accounting Software leading the Bookkeeping and Partner community channels and for her own success in the profession with achieving 120 clients and $1.2M revenue in a year with a small crack team and also her coaching and education programs for bookkeepers, helping over 6000 women across the world in developing skills and growth since 2018.

Mel’s skill set is around sales and marketing but also education. Teaching others the skills so they can be self-reliant and produce exactly the results they want to deliver the lifestyle that they want.


Mel’s passion lies in the creative with music and writing at the top of her list, but her heart lies in sales and marketing and helping others uncover their giftings in their own profession and lives

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Chartered Accountant & Advisor | Coach for CEO’s | Pricing Strategist | Footy Lover🏈| Bodybuilder💪| Emotional Alpha Male❤️

Andrew grew up in a small regional farming town in NSW, Australia and from a young age developed a strong work ethic and understanding of small business having worked in his grandfather's business from a young age.

This experience led him to understand the importance of business owners “knowing their numbers” and hence his lifelong career as a now Fellow Chartered Accountant.

Andrew is passionate about sports and has many achievements from athletics (an exceptional sprinter) to rugby league, touch footy through to entering a bodybuilding competition at age 46, competing with peers half his age.  

Andrew is known amongst his friends and peers as someone who is loyal and has a deep care for others and their wellbeing, leading to what is defined as an Emotional Alpha Male.

“Competition is always about self and continually raising the bar and going to the next level of achievement”

Over the last 30 years, Andrew has owned an accounting advisory firm, growing it to 25 people with an emphasis on value-adding services and becoming one of the first multi-partner firms in Australia to ditch time sheets and value prices. 

Post this Andrew consulted with medium-sized businesses to double and triple there size and revenue and help the owner exit from the day-to-day operations.

Andrew is most known for his 26 Group mentoring over 50 accounting firms embarking on their transitionary journey to advisory. 


Andrew loves his sport and fitness but his ability to scale a business through operational methodologies is his true superpower. Second to that is leading professionals gain higher prices in the sale process.



We think outside the box and solve problems in unique ways, we collaborate with others, to drive improved communication and better decision making!



Our passion fuels motivation, drive and creativity, the pillars for success in our business and yours. 



Innovation is at the core of our awesomeness and enables us to continue to make a difference in the world.

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